Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a memorial?

The first step to selecting the correct memorial is determining where it will be installed (cemetery, section, and plot). Most large cemeteries (and some small ones) may have guidelines about what style and size can be placed in certain areas. You may want to call your cemetery office and ask for that information. We can also contact them for you.

The next step would be determining the color granite, finishes, and stone shape that you want. We have a large display to show you various options, but you can also browse this webpage to look for colors and shapes.

The third and final step is to pick out the lettering, carvings, etchings, or ceramic photos you want to have on the memorial. It is best to determine how much verbiage you would like before deciding on carvings, as space may be limited depending on the style.

There are other minor details that can be addressed along the way, but Mohawk Valley Monuments, LLC will be here to help you at every step. Call us with any questions, and we can help you decide the best option for your loved one.

Why is memorialization important? I am not religious; why should I bother with a memorial?

Memorialization is important for many reasons. For millennia, people have memorialized their dead to honor them by carving stone, wood, painting on cave walls, etc. Memorials carved in stone have stood the test of time, especially those carved in granite. They serve as a place for the living to go and pay their respects, but they also serve as a permanent record. Many people say “I am not religious, so what should I do?” We argue that, regardless of religious standing, everyone should have a record that they lived and died, for genealogy purposes at the very least. We don’t especially recommend purchasing an extravagant memorial, but rather one that will represent you or your loved one nicely. “But, death records are kept, so future generations can find me that way.” Accidents happen. Fires, computer failures...and nothing seems more enduring and long-lasting than an engraving on a granite memorial.

Doesn't the rise in cremation hurt your business?

Most people probably assume that when someone is cremated, the ashes are either kept with a living relative, or scattered at the deceased’s favorite location. That may be true in some cases, but many people are still cremated and buried in a cemetery. Some cemeteries have sectioned off areas with smaller graves to accommodate this, and others allow 2, 3, or 4 cremation burials in a regular-sized grave. We have designed new-style monuments (see our Cremation Monument page) that can have ashes stored inside them. For cremations that are buried in the ground, a standard grave marker or headstone may be chosen. You see, cremation doesn’t hurt business, but in some cases changes the style of monument people choose.

Do you offer any warranties?

We do! Some of the domestic and imported granite colors can be backed by the BGA warranty (Barre Guild Association). Please call us for more information.

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