Hand Etchings

Hand-crafted etchings are a less common option Mohawk Valley Monuments, LLC still offers to personalize your memorial in certain circumstances. These works are best done on dark granite (preferably black). When people offer us less detailed source material, such as a lower-quality photo, portrait, or design, our expert artists can copy this onto the face of the memorial using a diamond-tipped engraving tool. Hand etchings tend to be less detailed and deeper than laser etching. Hand etchings are also subject to artist interpretation, and portraits are copied as closely as possible.

We also offer laser etchings, which allow more detailed and accurate reproductions. Both hand and laser etchings can have color added, which typically lasts about 10 years. Once the color has worn off, the original black and white image will be revealed. We do not recommend adding color to portrait hand/laser etchings.

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