Slant Markers

Single Slant Markers

Single-sized slant markers are usually chosen for one grave. In some cases, they may accommodate two names if both individuals are buried in the same grave. Single slants are available in assorted sizes, but most commonly are 24” wide. They are very low in the front, and higher in the back than the bevel marker, creating the slanted face.

Double Slant Markers

Multiple-grave slant markers accommodate two or more graves. They are wider than single slant markers, and can be produced in various lengths.

Slant Markers with Bases

Any single-or multiple-grave slant marker can be installed with a base piece. Some cemeteries will allow this in a monument section if the base is the required height. If you are unsure of your cemetery rules and regulations, please contact us to determine if this is a good option for you.

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